Mystery Shopping

Objektif is one of the main providers of mystery shopping in Turkey.

Since 2001, we have complied a hundreds of mystery shopping including sectors such as, banks, retail stores, hotels, restaurants, fast food chains, gas stations, car dealerships, transportation, telephone dealers, mobile phone dealers, supermarkets, automotive dealers etc…

Tools we used in Turkey for mystery shopping assessments range from simple questionnaires to complete audio and video recordings.

Our main principal for mystery shopping to work is based on high quality assesments with the right mystery shopper.

We provide to improve the performance of front line staff, increase clients customer loyalty and delivers a proven return on their investment.
We create one-stop shop for companies who need rigid solutions to existing problems and to take preclusive approach.

Objektif is a mystery shopping company that provides in measuring and improving customer service across all industries and services through mystery shopping and integrity shopping as well as other high quality effective measurement strategies.

İn Objektif, we provide tailor-made mystery shopping reports and personalized training reports for your frontline staff. It creates increase sales figues, improve staff performance, stock inventory, brand image, customer loyalty

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