Automotive Market Research

Objektif is highly experienced for the automotive industry in the market in the market research area

By conducting qualitative, quantitative or mixed mode fieldwork, we have great valuable experience in Turkey. We bring a new value added knowledge for the automotive industry to client by using all methodologies from CAPI, CATI and PAPI to groups, depths and ethnography. We also have a wide range of clinic experience.

We have been following the behavior of drivers for many years such as purchasing behaviours , demands and decision making process, pricing etc.

We have large experience on cars, light trucks, heavy trucks, tires, spare parts in automotive industry.

We also offer different types of clinics experiences such as dynamic-stationary clinics, static - stationary clinics, and pricing clinics.

Our specialties include:

o Parts pricing studies
o Dealer site evaluation studies
o Warranty information studies
o Light maintenance price checks
o Sticker price checks including price adjustments after standard and optional equipment price adjustments have been made
o Used car market evaluation of prices
o Market Appraisal Studies
o Attitudinal segmentation studies
o Brand Image StudiesBrand Equity Studies
o Clinic Marketing Launch Evaluation Programs
o Ride and Drive Clinics
o Advertising Pre-testing
o Copy Testing
o Clinic Concept Testing
o Customer Satisfaction Programs (Dealer Evaluation and Competitive Benchmarking)

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