Healthcare Market Research

With sound, reliable and economic researches it provides in the pharmaceutical industry, Objektif fills a significant gap in the sector. Objektif has an experienced staff specialised in the medical and healthcare market research industry for nearly 25 years.

Objektif Research was set up to provide highly effective market research to the healthcare industry, primarily the pharmaceutical sector. Our success hinges on providing market insights which empower our clients to make better business decisions.

Objektif Research carries out research into pharmaceutical and medical markets covering various areas and target groups. We conduct research among physicians and other healthcare professionals, pharmacists, patients, hospital managers and key opinion leaders. In order to provide top quality services in the field of healthcare research, we cooperate with medical advisors and apply strict ethical rules and data protection policies.

Areas of research covered by Objektif Research:

  • OTC / Rx markets / Products under development / Medical devices

  • Physicians' therapy and prescription habits

  • Patients' opinions and usage habits

  • Pharmacists' recommendations

  • Satisfaction studies (e.g. cooperation with medical representatives)

  • Pharmacy mystery shopping

  • Name, packaging and commercial concept testing

  • Research into pricing and reimbursement schemes

  • Pre-market launch studies.

  • In Turkey we own highly experienced medical specialists, which allows us to conduct research in the healthcare sector faster and more effectively.

    In healthcare sector we brings the best solution includes pharmaceuticals, medical devices, equipment, and consumables, alternative therapies, private and public healthcare associaitons and hospitals.

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