Data collection is, undoubtedly, the most important phase of a market research project. For this reason, OBJEKTIF  places  particular emphasis  on the quality of fieldwork.

The standarts of OBJEKTIF’s fieldwork fall in line with international research codes and practices.

OBJEKTIF recently completed the organisation of  its field team throughout Turkey. OBJEKTIF Field Team is organized in seventeen cities throughout the seven geographical  regions of Turkey.

OBJEKTIF  field team consists of  72  fully  trained   interviewers. A particular group of interviewers has special experience and expertise on medical research projects whereas most of the others have experience in automotive, durables and FMCG sectors.

The  interviewers   assigned to the project gather  in  OBJEKTİF’s  Main  Office in İstanbul prior to the fieldwork,  to  receive a full day’s training and  to conduct a pilot field study in İstanbul.

In each training session, the interviewers are briefed on general techniques of interviewing (how to approach to a respondent, how to conduct and finish an interview, etc.) and the  specific requirements  of the project at hand (sampling and quotas).

OBJEKTIF’s Field Team focuses on seven regions of Turkey:
Marmara Region (represents 26 % of the total population) Central Anatolian Region (represents 17 % of the total population) Aegean Region (represents 13 % of the total population) Mediterranean Region (represents 13 % of the total population) Black Sea Region (represents 12 % of the total population) South-East Anatolian Region (represents 10 % of the total population) Eastern Anatolian Region (represents 9 % of the total population)

The supervisors of OBJEKTIF Field Team double check on fieldwork and interviews.

At the beginning of the fieldwork, the supervisors accompany interviewers on the first two or three interviews.

Afterwards, an average proportion of interviews (minumum 10 to 15 % of the interviews) is back-checked by supervisors.