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OBJEKTIF Research & Information Services in İstanbul, Turkey is an independent, full-service research institute.

It was founded by Alihan YAVUZ and Kadir SATIK in 2001.

Owner/Founder partner Alihan YAVUZ(1959) has graduated from Robert College and Bosphorus University, Dept. of Business Administration.

He has worked at PIAR Research Co. as research specialist (1984-1986); has worked at STRATEJI Research & Planning Company as owner partner and Research Director (1986-1989).

Alihan YAVUZ was with the Koç Groupof Companies, the leading business group of Turkey, for twelve years(1989-2001).

He is a member of ESOMAR Europen Society for Opinion and Marketing Research since 1987.

Owner/Founder partner Kadir SATIK(1965), has graduated from Marmara University, Dept. of Public Administration and got MBA degree at London University, Dept. of Economics.

Kadir SATIK has worked at PIAR Research Co. (1985-1989) and Chamber of Shipping as research specialist (1993-1996).

He was a research manager at Barem Research International (1996-1998) and at Sanofi- Synthelabo (1998-2000).

He is a member of ESOMAR Europen Society for Opinion and Marketing Research since 2002.

Medical Research Group Director & Qualitative Research Moderator

Dr. Hüseyin KALAY (1970), has graduated from Ege University Faculty of Medicine (1988-1995) and worked in medical research projects as qualitative research moderator besides his professional practice since then. In the last 12 years, he focused on medical research and continued his professional career only in this area.

Throughout all this 16 years spent in medical research, he conducted more than a thousand of in-depth interviews and hundreds of focus groups / duos / triads / mini groups with HCPs, physicians, pharmacists and patients.

He has special expertise in the areas of Hypertension, Hyperlipidemia, Oncology / Cancer Research, CLL, Diabetes, Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer, Migraine, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriasis, Cardiology, Osteoporosis, ADHD, Schizophrenia, Hepatitis, COAH, Asthma, MDD, Paediatric Vaccination & Flu Vaccines.

Alihan Yavuz

Kadir Satık

Dr Hüseyin Kalay
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